The Sundered

Adventure 10 Winning at Goodbridge

Every revolutionary ends up either by becomin’ an oppressor or a heretic

75th Year, 10th Month (02/11/12)

Respondin’ to the warnin’ of a horseback messenger, we rushed tae a farmstead where some hellish creatures were bedevilin’ the lines. Fiery tar devils and a dark adept harassed us mightily. We were holdin’ our own until two assassins showed up, vexin’ wee Eli sorely. He blasted the bitches and flew up to perch atop a buildin’. The tar devils tried to snag him with their nets but he was too quick, and after a tiresome rammy, we laid low the heretics.

We’d barely caught our breath when none other than Red Prick himself showed up shoutin’ a challenge. The battle with the devils had us fair puckled, and so we had nae other choice but to beat a hasty retreat back to ask auld Dar Gramath for handers. Explainin’ our situation, he tended to our wounds and sent us back tae the fray.

Red Prick, whose men ken him as Lord Nazin Redthorn, champion of the Iron Circle, was waitin’ on our return. His rabble and more of the accursed flamin’ devils approached, but the heavy snow hindered their approach, givin’ Eli a chance to devastate the poor galoots before they could reach us.

When auld Red Prick finally met us, he seemed a mite disappointed that we werenae the marauders he was seekin’. He dismissed us as nae threat and called for his horse. But poor Red Prick was in for the (last) surprise of his life. We’d learned our lesson in the last rammy and focused our attacks to give our enemies a good chibbin’ one by one. Auld Red Prick tried to flee, but we blasted his poor pony right oot frae under him, I finishin’ the beast with a sling stone guided clear across the field of battle by Amaunator’s own hand. Red Prick put up a valiant fight, but in the end there was nae hope for the heretic.

With the fall of Red Prick the field was ours. We returned tae Greenfield where there was much rejoicin’. Dar Gramath paid us handsomely for our services, and with the wine that had been recovered frae the Iron Circle bampots, we had enough to return tae Hammerfast. There was still the business of the baron bein’ captured and all, but it would wait until we finally finished our original mission to return the wine, hopefully keepin’ those eejit humans of Hammerfast pished and tamed.



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