The Sundered

Adventure 9 Battle of Goodbridge

False doctrine does not necessarily make a man a heretic, but an evil heart can make any doctrine heretical.

75th Year, 10th Month (01/14/12)

We continued investigatin’ the crypt. The black dragon skeleton appeared to be knitted together. It looked like auld Usurna was tryin’ to resurrect it as one of her undead pets. We decided to continue explorin’ rather than leavin’ just yet. We opened a door and found a long hall full of webs and several of those accursed spiders. Damned spiders!

After a bit of plannin’, we decided to use the bookshelves and tables to build a makeshift wall to push back against the spiders. We attached some spikes frae a nearby pit along with several of the alchemist flasks we’d found lyin’ around. Then we started pushin’.

For 20 minutes we pushed. Then after 30 minutes we met some resistance and heard some of the alchemical flasks explode. Then those damned spiders were pushin’ back. We took turns pushin’ back and forth against the spiders until finally the wall gave way and the spiders were able to see to teleport through and attack us. After a hard rammy, we defeated those eight-legged horrors.

We found ourselves in front of a door. Auld Dahlwhinnie managed to jimmy the lock and we found ourselves in a ruined, haunted buildin’. We were probably in Dal Nystiere, the haunted eladrin city the wood elves had warned us aboot. There were spider webs everywhere, and ghostly humanoid shapes drifted aboot, so we high tailed it back through the tunnel and oot of the crypt.

Wee Eli managed to tame the drakes and coax them into pullin’ the goblin wagon for us. That made for an impressive show when we returned tae the elves. The fairies found the mettle to join the rammy against auld Red Prick, and would join us two days hence.

On the morrow we rose and headed tae Goodbridge. The weather had turned even more dreich than before, and as we rode the snowstorm turned into an honest blizzard. We stumbled upon a large Iron Circle checkpoint, but fortunately these galoots werenae lookin’ for us but rather those mercenaries we kept hearin’ aboot. It took some convincin’, but they finally agreed to let us pass withoot a fight.

Back at Goodbridge we were met by a rider with a message. The mercenaries had helped but at a high price. Now the Iron Circle and auld Red Prick was marchin’ to grind the resistance intae the ground beneath his boot heel. Even with our reinforcements, the Iron Circle bampots matched our numbers and were better equipped.

On the morrow we rose and met with the leaders of the resistance: Dar Gramath, Auld Rhyth Ann, the Halflin’ leader Jered, and Bran Torson, along with Willet Reedfoot, the paw of the wee Halflin’ lad we’d saved frae the bullywugs. It was decided that our wee troupe would be held in reserve durin’ the fight. Dar Gramath encouraged us to rally the troops, but unfortunately for us, none of us was particularly inspirin’. It will be to Amaunator to see us through this fight.

After two days the elves arrived, true to their word, and not a nary bit too soon. The Iron Circle numpties soon set upon us and a glorious rammy unfolded on all fronts. They were aggressive and confident and it wasnae long before some of them were threatenin’ to break through the lines. We rushed to reinforce as a solid enforcer with a drake and a gaggle of scraggly henchmen began to break the lines. The henchmen were nae problem but the cursed enforcer gave us fits for a spell until we laid him low.

Just as we were catchin’ our breath, a Greenfielder on horseback rode over to enlist our help with a breakoot at the Redden farmstead. As we rushed forward, we saw some critters that looked to be scaly red devils killin’ the wounded and burnin’ the forest. As we surged forward, a light frae above washed over us, fillin’ us with a feelin’ of power. Amaunator would see us through, all right.



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