The Sundered

Adventure 8 Goblins and Yisarna

“A man may be a heretic in the truth; and if he believe things only because his priest says so, or the assembly so determines, withoot knowin’ other reason, though his belief be true, yet the very truth he holds becomes his heresy.”

75th Year, 10th Month (01/07/12)

We travelled back tae the wood elves to rest up for a second crack at auld Yisarna. The elves told us that a great chill had descended upon the mote, though the forest was keepin’ it at bay. The “ents” were not happy aboot this. We were warned aboot them and Daggerburg goblin patrols before we left on the morn.

We found the circle more or less the way we had left it. Wastin’ nae time, we used the dragon’s blood to teleport. We found ourselves in some kind of wizard’s lab infested with bowfin’ goblins. A big galoot who must’ve been an emissary called for his numpties to release a brace of drakes to attack.

A great rammy ensued. Fortunately, the poor drakes were more hungry than crabbit, so when auld Dahlwhinnie ripped the emissary’s heart oot and fed him to the drakes, that was the end of that.

We found three interestin’ maps that lead tae wood elven crypts and a handy magical rod that wee Eli made use of. There was nae sign of auld Yisarna, so we pressed on after a short rest.

In an adjoinin’ chamber, Dahlwhinnie crept in to investigate and found Yisarna and a brace of solid skellies, along with another blasted e’en bigger giant spider. The room was decorated in the style of those fairy elves, with the ceilin’ painted to look like a tree and a great tree trunk-like column in the middle. There was also a dragon skeleton being built up on a huge platform.

At first, Yisarna seemed keen on auld Dahlwhinnie and seemed to want to help him, bein’ as how he’s one of the filthy unwashed walkin’ dead (though one of the better I’ve met). But when he came too close she sensed somethin’ amiss and launched an attack. After a vicious fight in which poor Dahlwhinnie temporarily fell, I called upon the spirit of Amaunator and finally found somethin’ the auld boot was feert of. She wanted to touch my chest, nae doubt curious aboot Avandra’s boon that was contained in all of our hearts. When she did, she turned beautiful for a mite and was whisked away in a great white light.

Wee Eli, bein’ much better than me with memory and sums and such, wrote this account of the encounter shortly after we had bested the ghostly lass:

“Why art thou here, Lord?" she asked of Dalbrech. "Has’t milord come to check on his beloved Yisarna? Look on me not, lord, but remember your beloved as she was. The wicked elves above did this to your gentle Yisarna but your gift kept me going. I have news of great import, lord; you were of course, correct that the books here do indeed prophesy the coming of the shadowweave” (she also called it the dark weave and the dark skein).
*“And even greater is that they discovered a ritual to detect its nascent form” (she also referred it as the dark seed and alluded to the fact that while Dalbrech carries it inside him like his “brothers,” his is walled off by yucky goodness).

  • She also mentioned that she was working on some unknown stone that was required for the detection of dark seed, which could be used to find the other “brothers,” but she hadn’t figured it out and was only partway finished (for which she apologized).
    *Dalbrech has remained silent about why Yisarna mistook him for someone else and who that someone else might be.



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