The Sundered

Adventure 7 Wagons and Woods

"To try to fashion somethin’ frae sufferin’, to relish our triumphs, and to endure defeats withoot resentment: all that is compatible with the faith of a heretic."

75th Year, 10th Month (12/10/11)

We spotted the shipment of wine and its accompanyin’ guards before they spotted us. We made quickly tae the standin’ stones and set our ambush. The stones seemed to be of eladrin craftin’ and we felt a mite more solid standin’ among them as we faced the Iron Circle scum.

Everitt tried to parley with the leader, a big man in a black cloak with a gold circle. However there was nae reasonin’ with these numpties and soon we found ourselves in a fight with a group that included a shifty wizard and a great mechanical dog. We bested the galoots with nary much effort and searched the wagon, findin’ it to be loaded with wine and cider.

We returned tae Darden to find quite a commotion. The townsfolk had gathered in the square and were clusterin’ around a group of dead Iron Circle henchmen. The auld lass we’d encountered before, name o’ Madira Leer, told us that a group of mercenaries had come town after we had, killin’ the Iron Circle bampots and demandin’ money for their services. Among them were two women, a dwarf, a tall half-orc, and a dark one, perhaps one of those drow elves. They had headed off tae the west. As we departed for Goodbridge with the wagon of win, Madira suggested that we seek the aid of the Woodsinger elves tae the south.

We traveled tae Goodbridge and met with Dar Gramath. He too had seen the party of mercenaries that had killed the Iron Circle guards at Darden. He told us that they had also killed the female scout we had sent tae auld Red Prick. Perhaps Red Prick would eventually hear of our exploits and send some of his men tae the slaughter, but for now we had time to gain more allies. Dar Gramath’s men had come down with an ailment, so after restin’ at the Mallard Inn we traveled a day’s journey south tae the elves.

As we approached the woods where the elves lived, an unnatural cold swept the plains. Once in the woods, however, it warmed up and the chill wind ceased. We shouted oot intae the woods and soon were surrounded by a troupe of elves. Wee Eli parleyed with the elf queen, named Eriyil. Apparently the queen was somehow related to auld Madira, which didn’t hurt matters. Still the Woodsinger elves seemed a bit aloof but Eli and Everitt convinced them that fightin’ Red Prick was in their best interest.

Of course the elves wanted somthin’ of us as well. At least this time it meant goin’ underground! Seemed there was an ancient underground eladrin sanctuary nearby buried beneath some standin’ stones. A female undead wizard, Yisarna, has moved in as is allied with some particularly nasty Daggerburg goblins with the intent of riddin’ the forest of the elves. The only way in tae the sanctuary was by teleportin’ usin’ dragon’s blood. The elves gave us enough of this precious liquid for three uses. Finally I’d hae the chance to do some avengin’ for poor auld Acererak.

We set off for the sanctuary and soon found the stones “guarded” by some sleepin’ goblins. Great spiders lurked in the trees nearby but didnae approach. We crept up tae the goblins and dispatched them with haste, but then the blasted spiders jumped upon us! In a hard fight, we finally defeated the jumpin’ spiders and searched the area. From the fine furs, it appeared that perhaps a goblin emissary had slept in a nearby wagon, but there was nae emissary to be found now. Withoot even investigatin’ the sanctuary beneath the stones, we returned tae the elves to recover frae our tough rammy.

Hidden beneath a ring of standing stones near where the elves were camped is a secret sanctuary used at one time by Eladrin wizards as a place to conduct magical research. (these ancient rings are all over the Nentir Vale on many of the motes. The sanctuary is now the domain of an undead mage named Yisarna who has evil plans for the Nentir Vale. Yisarna has joined forces with a group of Daggerburg goblins in an effort to expel the Woodsinger elves from the Pineverge Forest.



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