The Sundered

Adventure 6 Bullywugs & Bar Fights

“I shall never be a heretic; I may err in dispute, but I dinnae wish to decide anythin’ finally; on the other hand, I am not bound by the opinions of men.”

75th Year, 9th Month (12/3/11)

What we thought would be a nasty rammy with the latest group of bullywugs was avoided by some clever bletherin’ by wee Eli. Havin’ the bullywug eggs gave us some bargainin’ room, and we negotiated for the release of the haflin’ bairn and a weak promise to leave the folk of Tor’s Hold alone at least for a wee bit.

We escorted the halflin’ tae his home in a village aboot an hour’s walk away intae the forest. There wee Heron was reunited with his maw much to the joy of the villagers. We were asked to share scran with the halflin’s and then we stayed the night. Though they couldnae help us in the fight against the Iron Circle, they said to seek oot Dar Gramath of Goodbridge. Perhaps with handers from Tor’s Hold and Goodbridge, we would be able to wrestle free the Circle’s hold on the small town of Dardun.

On the morn we saw a great flyin’ contraption sailin’ cargo from the halflin’ village across tae another mote. We asked aboot wine, quite honestly hopin’ to find a way to complete our task for the dwarves withoot all the bloody intrigue we keep findin’ at every turn. Sadly enough, they had just sent their last shipment across tae the next mote.

We walked back tae Tor’s Hold where Torson was pleased but not too much so at the news we’d killed most but not all of the bowfin’ bullywugs. He would have to leave five solid men behind to protect the village before joinin’ the fight against the Iron Circle. However, when we agreed to escort a shipment of goods back from river tae the Hold, we made two birds deid with one throw.

While travellin’ tae the river, what did we run intae other than auld Uglor and his bullywug chums. With them they had two great frogs, both of which managed to swallow me up in the ensuin’ rammy. We finished off the last of the bullywugs and with that our business with Torson was done. We travelled on tae Goodbridge in hopes of findin’ Dar Gramath.

It was nae time at all in Goodbridge before we’d located auld Dar Gramath. He was a great and solid dark-skinned man with white hair and an accent the likes of which had never met our ears. Upon learnin’ of our plans, he told us in hushed tones of the growin’ resistance in the city. He warned us to edgy Iron Circle galoots what crept aboot town and generally made a muck of things.

Dar Gramath told us of the Iron Circle Leader, Red Thorn, and of his one weakness: His pride. Dar explained that the Iron Circle had perhaps 300 men, much too many to face head-on. But he also figured that we could lure auld Red Prick oot were we to goad him well enough. And Dar knew just the thing: A caravan of wine that soon would be leavin’ the town of Dardun. He also told us of a troupe of Iron Circle henchmen what were infestin’ the local waterin’ hole.

At the Mallard Inn we made quite a show, with me first puttin’ on the “Platinum Squares” cloak that auld Dahlwhinnie had fashioned, and then with my bum oot the windae haverin’ on through the door aboot bein’ the “King of the Platinum Squares” and challengin’ “Red Prick” to a fair rammy.

The Iron Circle soldiers poured oot intae the street where we had a solid ambush waitin’. We weren’t expectin’ a brace of cutthroat rogues to burst from the nearby buildin’s, nearly layin’ wee Eli low. But we gave them all a good chibbin’ and sent the last survivin’ cutthroat lass on tae Red Prick with a message from the Platinum Squares. Those Iron Circle bampots only had a few coins on them for our trouble, but as my dear died grandmaw always said, “Mony a mickle maks a muckle!”

We rested in Goodbridge and on the morn set oot tae Dardun. There was nae sign of any caravan nor any Iron Circle eejits, though the poor townsfolk seemed to edgy around every corner for a sign of them. Finally an auld tert told us to go north to find the caravan. Soon we came upon the wagons stopped near an auld ring of standin’ stones. The six guards didnae look as though they were up to the task of fightin’ the chosen of Amaunator!



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