The Sundered

Adventure 18 Hammers of Hammerfast


We returned tae Hammerfast to find the dreich weather had reached the city, though of course not the snow, since the city was inside a huge cave. This didnae help the mood of the city and more and more of the dwarves were listenin’ to auld glaikit Grond’s bletherin’. Marcinda wanted our ear for a moment but first we took to divestin’ ourselves of all the loot we’d accumulated.

On our way back tae the inn we were accosted by a brace of dwarves nae doubt in liege with Grond. These were joined by rooftop archers and the ambush was sprung. Wee Eli nearly ended up deid, bless him, but through Amaunator’s grace we won the day, capturin’ two of the eejits for questionin’ and turnin’ over to the town guard.

Much to our surprise, one of the prisoners, a female, told us that they didnae work for auld Grond but rather Garrick, the leader of the Hammers. They at least seemed honest aboot who was behind the attack, even if they were lowly assassins.

We decided to make a visit tae the warehouse where the half-goblin had told us Cartain kept a spy. We soon found the rat, Fariss by name. It was nae work at all before the dowie lad was singin’ like a gannet, though he had to admit, hell slap it intae him. He told us that he sent messages tae the bard Teris who passed it on tae Cartain and poor auld Serlick.

The auld town gaol was rapidly fillin’ courtesy the Platinum Squares but first we paid a visit tae bonnie Marcinda at the Pony. There she squeezed a bit more information frae poor Fariss as we learned than none other than Grond was behind the attacks on the caravans in an attempt to sway more of the dwarves to his cause against the heathen ootsiders. But without more evidence, she couldna act agin him. Marcinda gave us the choice of investigatin’ the source of the cold or goin’ after Cartain.

We decided to continue to harry the bandits, so Marcinda sent another pairtie of adventures, the Fists of Kord, to investigate the cold and report on all they ken. She also told us of the Hammers, led by Garrick and made up mostly of thugs and ne’er-do-wells. But first, bein’ fair puckled frae our rammy with the Hammers, we looked aboot for a safe place for our newfound dragons and flyin’ contraptions while we rested.



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