The Sundered

Adventure 17 Search for the Fire Opal Part 3


On the morn, we arose considerably refreshed frae our rest on the monks’ trainin’ mat. We set off explorin’ the rest of the stiflin’ compound. Near the kitchen we’d found, we came upon a cistern room with the skeleton of a long-deid giant at the bottom. The poor galoot had a dagger in the back o’ his heid that we identified as belongin’ to none other than the infamous fire giant King Snurre. Nearby we also found the giant-size lavey. Fortunately it was long dried and didnae contain any surprises other than me catchin’ FILTH FEVER! After the bowfin’ chore of diggin’ through the dried shite, we found a gold ring that also seemed to belong to auld Snurre.

Onward past a long hallway full of trapped giant statues we came tae a great door. After two days of encounterin’ every kind of trap imaginable, we checked thoroughly for snares but gave nary a listen before pushin’ open the portal. Inside was a huge room with broken chunks of floor revealin’ magma below. There were three red dragon eggs here, nae doubt what the eejit dragonborn had been seekin’. And tryin’ to break open the eggs were a group of bowfin’ troglodytes who seemed none too happy to make our acquaintance.

A roustin’ rammy broke oot durin’ which poor auld Dahlwhinnie nearly fell deid as a stoot troglodyte dumped him intae the lava. Fortunately though we were able to prevail over the bowfin’ brutes and by Amaunator’s grace, won the field.

One of the red dragon eggs had been destroyed and the “wee” dragonlin’ half-eaten. Eli tried to seal up the remainin’ two eggs, but he ken it was too late. In a short time, the two had hatched. Fortunately, wee Eli was able to imprint them as if he were their mum. But Eli also ken that they were born glaikit due to the chibbin’ and early birth. But they were still solid enough to use as mounts, bein’ big as ponies they were.

With little more fanfare we uncovered a hidden panel nearby which contained the Fire Opal. At first auld Gaff was edgy we might try the auld double-cross, but soon he ken we meant to uphold our bargain, bonnie as the Opal truly was. Besides we had collected a mint of coins between the trip tae Green and the caravans we’d found here. Noo it was off tae Hammerfast to rid ourselves of a pile of loot even auld Acererak wouldnae hae sneezed aboot.



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