The Sundered

Adventure 15 Search for the Fire Opal Part 1


We questioned Serlick, Cartain’s half-goblin lieutenant. Turned oot that auld Cartain’s henchmen were a mite more loyal when Cartain himself were around, and the promise of coin in hand (and a few sharp pokes) convinced the bowfin’ goblin to see things our way. Serlick dinnae ken aboot the entrance tae the Fire Opal, though the thugs had searched all over for it. Auld Gaff looked aboot for a hidden door as the rest of us searched the raiders’ cave.

Much incriminatin’ evidence was found. Pigeons and ravens were used to relay messages between contacts in Hammerfast, the cave, and tae Cartain. Terras the bard, now in gaol, was one such contact, though there was another that Serlick said worked in the main town warehouse. We had recovered quite a bit of loot frae the various wagons and piles of booty when Auld Gaff let oot a cry. We’d found the door! Soon we were clamorin’ to get it open, though of course not withoot gettin’ blasted by a spray of poison darts!

The passageway beyond was so hot we could feel the sweat bile away frae our very skin. Pictures of auld rituals tae fire gods were carved here and there. The whole place was massive, obviously bein’ built by giants. We recalled the stories that monks had supposedly taken over the place after the giants had left, claimin’ the fist-like Fire Opal as their symbol.

After a warm half-hour we were all fair puckled. We came upon three portcullises ahead. With a wee bit of pure dead brilliance frae Eli and Everitt, we were able to open the leftmost gate and soon ambushed a brace of eejit dragonborn warriors. They refused to parley and chose to fight instead, but soon realized we were a bit more solid a rammy than they could handle. But instead of acceptin’ our offer to aid them in their quest tae find some dragon younglin’s, they demanded we remain at the gates until they were done searchin’.

It wasnae five minutes before we heard horrible screams and rushed through another door to find the dragonborn on the floor deid, killed by great burnin’ flamin’ rock creatures, flamespikers. A hard fight commenced, though we gave those fire-skins a fair chibbin’. Nae closer to findin’ the Fire Opal, we continued explorin’ the huge complex.



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