The Sundered

Adventure 13 Finishing the Job

“He drew a circle that shut me oot; Heretic, rebel, a thin’ to flout. But love and I had the wit to win; we drew a circle that took him in.”


With the Iron Circle numpties bangin’ on the door tae get in, we made haste down tae the dungeon to try and rescue poor auld Baron Truncheon. We tried to get the guards there to surrender, but they would hear nothin’ of it, insistin’ that our captive quine had already forfeited her soul tae Lord Strife. Well, they wanted it the hard way.

With nae rest to be had since our last rammy, it was a hard fought win over the last remainin’ galoots. A pair of solid oafs, a bowfin’ tar devil, and a crafty auld wizard stood between us and the baron, but they didnae stand long. In the end, with the grace of Amaunator, all were deid save the wizard who had the wits to surrender. Even the tert got hers, wee Eli burnin’ her alive when she tried to escape her bonds and open the door tae the bampots bangin’ ootside.

We were victorious but the war hadnae been won just yet. The auld baron was in nae shape to help, bein’ nearly as old as Dahlwhinnie only not nearly so stout. He did however give us some healin’ draughts while explainin’ our one final task in the keep. The bangin’ and poundin’ ceased upstairs, so the Iron Circle must have withdrawn. In the quiet aftermath, the baron told us of an evil quine named Caltus, a worshiper of Asmodeus who had defiled the keep’s temple.

We were in nae shape for yet another rammy, but auld Dahlwhinnie snuck down under the cover of night and captured the only guard we still saw inside the grounds, a particularly daft bampot guardin’ the doors tae the kirk. From the guard we learned that most of the Iron Circle had retreated frae the keep. Caltus was inside, creatin’ some kind of portal for summonin’ undead and whatnot. Fortunately, the portal wouldnae be complete until the next day, so we retreated tae the town of Green for some much needed rest.

On the morn, we rose and returned tae the mostly-deserted keep. The doors tae the kirk were now guarded by a human sentry and a metal dog. As before, auld Dahlwhinnie crept up while we edgy frae cover nearby. Dahlwhinnie launched his surprise attack and the rest of us gave handers, soon deafeatin’ the poor auld doggie. Inside the kirk we saw a pair of shadowy phantom warriors who proved devilishly hard to injure. These were joined by a devil and the tert Caltus. I focused on dispellin’ the portal while the others kept the ghoulies at bay. Soon we had the portal closed and poor Caltus was on the run. We gave the dunderheid a good chibbin’ and returned tae give the auld baron and the townsfolk the news.

A great feast was given in our honor. Baron Truncheon named us all Knights of Green [“Knight Defender of Greenfield”] and presented us with a pile of coins, gems, and assorted loot. Now it was time for a well-deserved rest, and for givin’ many thanks tae Amaunator for seein’ us through another day.



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