Welcome to The Sundered

It is Year 75, seventy-five long, crazy years after the earth was Sundered, broken into thousands of pieces. The pieces floated, and for the most part remain floating, thank the gods! The floating islands come in all manner of shapes and sizes and climates and are variously called sky islands, land-rafts, sky-burgs, and motes.

Our adventurers have gathered in the Dwarven Necropolis of Hammerfast, one of the largest motes in the known region. Eli is a young half-elf orphan – ready to test out his newly found storm powers – whose caretaker, a priest of Avandra, sends Eli on his first adventure related to the fractured goddess. Dalbrech is an anomoly – a captured spy from Gloomwrought who worships Avandra. He is brought in by a desire to help his goddess. Krumm, a crazy priest who worships an unknown god was given guardianship of Dalbrech as perhaps a cruel joke. No one knew what to do with a crazy priest or a lawful good shade, so why not stick them together. Everit is a spoiled child of a wealthy family, who out of boredom (and after being kicked out by his aunt Elsie) has was found by Eli on the street. He has joined the party out of necessity (or maybe just a way to ease his boredom).

Threats to our hard-won way of life are many; Daggerburg Goblins, Blackfang Gnolls, Orcs of Clan Bloodspear, The Gray Company, The Iron Circle, dragons, and lots of weirder things all seem to be working toward one goal: our extinction.

The Sundered

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